How to Spy on a Cell Phone Without Touching It

How often do you worry about what someone is doing on their phone? Maybe they’re texting or taking photos that they shouldn’t be. You could always ask them, but then the secret is out and your worries will never go away. Or you could find a way to spy on their cell phone without touching it! In this article, we’ll discuss some of the ways to spy on an iphone without touching it so that your suspicions can finally be put at ease.


7 apps to spy on phone without touching it!

There are a number of ways to spy on your phone without touching it. Many of these methods use one or more of the following apps.

There are many more apps on the market, but these four have consistently remained at or near the top of performance reviews. Let’s take a look at some of their key features and functions:

mSpy is an extremely powerful cell phone monitoring solution that can be installed in minutes on any target phone. On iOS devices, it works without jailbreaking while Android phones require rooting to work with this app. It has several cool features including tracking browser history overall popular browsers (including Chrome), calendar data viewing, WhatsApp messages retrieval, and SMS text message retrieval among others. Its tracking feature runs silently in discreet mode; you will not get caught even if your kid or employee tries to disable it.

Mobile Spy is another powerful cell phone monitoring solution that can be installed in minutes on both Android and iOS devices (including the latest smartphones, tablets, and iPod touch). It comes with a host of features including GPS tracking, location history recording, etc., call logs retrieval for incoming and outgoing calls, and SMS text messages retrieval among others. This app has an impressive performance record: not even one customer complaint about its service quality was received so far! mSpy vs Mobile spy comparison will help you make up your mind when choosing between these two spying apps!

Sprintspy works equally well on all popular mobile platforms such as Apple’s iPhone, iPad & Mac OS X computers, Google’s android-powered phones, and tablets, Microsoft’s Windows Mobile-powered smartphones, and Blackberry devices. This app is totally compatible with Apple iCloud to record all activity of the monitored phone: photos taken via camera or screenshots made by the device owner; contacts created on the target iPhone etc.

The fourth app isĀ  Flexispy. This system is designed to monitor your phone’s activity 24/365, but it does not record videos or take screenshots of the target device. Flexispy takes advantage of SMS messages and call logs as well as almost all other data that can be sent through either one of these two channels for spying purposes, including pictures taken with the camera, emails sent by means of messaging apps like WhatsApp, etc., contacts created on an iPhone without iCloud enabled; GPS location history, web browser history, etc.

The fifth app is Mobistealth. This app allows you to monitor the target phone’s activity either in real-time or afterward, with all recorded data being stored on your own device for later viewing/analysis.

The sixth app is Highster Mobile. What makes this system unique is that it can be used without having physical access to the target iPhone – only by taking advantage of its IMEI number and iCloud credentials (which are both easy enough to get).

Highster Mobile offers live tracking as well as a wide array of spying capacities like keylogging, call logs monitoring, etc., contacts created on an iPhone; GPS location history, web browser history; pictures were taken with the camera; videos recorded from within various apps e-mails sent via messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Skype or Viber.

Another thing that enables Highster Mobile to work without physical access is the fact that it can distinguish between Android devices and iPhones/iPads – so if your target device is an iPhone you will need Apple ID credentials for the iCloud account associated with the device in question. If it’s an Android phone all you have to do is use its IMEI number instead of Apple ID e-mail address.

The last app is Spyzie. It comes across as a slightly more expensive program than some other ones but what truly makes this software stand out from others on the market are three things: ease of use, quality support services offered by developers who care about their customers’ satisfaction, and the wide range of features included in the package.

First, you need to create a new Spyzie account. After that, you will be asked to choose between ‘iPhone’ and ‘Android’. If you select Android, you will then be asked to enter your target device’s IMEI number – this is unique for every phone so make sure you get it right!

After that all you have to do is follow the on-screen instructions: enter iCloud credentials (if your target device is an iPhone) or simply log in with Google ID if it’s an Android phone. And that’s it – Spyzie will start tracking everything happening on the target device including calls, messages, contacts location data, browsing history, and more!

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